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wouldn't hurt a fly

No flies as yet. Been a fortnight!! Flies do not fly out of open windows and doors. Proven scientific fact. How about maggots?

Can I kill them? We have a brilliant plastic gun thing, you pull the trigger and a flyswatter on the end shoots out, it's really good at killing them neatly and good fun target shooting! Well they don't fly out in my house, or if they do its by accident. We have terrible trouble with flies for some reason, I can only yhink it's because we are surrounded by trees and farmland. Great big juicy ones that will fly repeatedly into the patio doors, ignoring the other half that is wide open. I usually swat them, sometimes spray, and the dog has got pretty good at catching them too.

I can find no sympathy for a deceased fly! But what about the wildlife that rely on that fly as their source of food? Sorry to get preachy but every living thing plays it's part and all that. I don't use the poison but I do use the vacuum cleaner hoovers them up nicely, there is a knack to it though. Registering is free, quick, and means you can join in the discussion, watch threads, get discounts, win prizes and lots more.

She wouldn't hurt a fly.

Start new thread in this topic Watch this thread Flip this thread Refresh the display Show messages Add a message This is page 1 of 2 This thread has 36 messages. First Previous Next Last Go to page. They say it MARY interrupting When you're married you can do a lot of things deliberately. SAM You sure talk like a girl who's been married.

MARY Sam! SAM I'm sorry, Mary. MARY I've lost my girlish laughter. SAM observing The only girlish thing you have lost. MARY a meaningful quiet, then, with difficulty: Sam. This is the last time. SAM For what? MARY This! Meeting you in secret so we can be You come down here on business trips and we steal lunch hours and I wish you wouldn't even come. SAM Okay. What do we do instead, write each other lurid love letters? MARY about to argue, then turning away I haven't time to argue. I'm a working girl. SAM And I'm a working man! We're a regular working-class tragedy! Or it will be SAM interrupting, seriously You can't laugh at it, huh?

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MARY Can you? SAM Sure.

"Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly..." [Norman Bates]

It's like laughing through a broken jaw, but He breaks off, his cheeriness dissolved, goes to the window, tries to raise the shade. It sticks. He pulls at it.

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It comes down entirely, and the hot sun glares into the room, revealing it in all its shabbiness and sordidness as if corroborating Mary's words and attitude. Sam kicks at the fallen shade, laughs in frustration, grabs on to his humor again. SAM And besides, when you say I make tax- deductible excuses you make me out a criminal. MARY having to smile You couldn't be a criminal if you committed a major crime. SAM I wish I were. Not an active criminal but SAM I can come down next week.

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MARY No. SAM Not even just to see you, to have lunch MARY We can see each other, we can even have dinner SAM And after the steak SAM after a pause, simply All right. She stares at him, surprised at his willingness to continue the affair on her terms, as girls are so often surprised when they discover men will continue to want them even after the sexual bait has been pulled in. Sam smiles reassuringly, places his hands gently on her arms, speaks with gentle and simple sincerity.

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SAM Mary, whenever it's possible, tax- deductible or not, I want to see deductible you. And under any conditions. MARY You make respectability sound SAM brightly I'm all for it! It requires patience and temperance and a lot of sweating- out I won't mind. He moves away and again the weight of his pain and problems crushes away his good humor. There is a quiet moment. SAM I'm fed up with sweating for people who aren't there. I sweat to pay off my father's debts I sweat to pay my ex-wife alimony, and she's living on the other side of the world somewhere.

MARY a smile I pay, too. They also pay who meet in hotel rooms.

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SAM A couple of years and the debts will be paid off. And if she ever re- marries, the alimony stops MARY I haven't even been married once yet! SAM Yeah, but when you do MARY smiling, then with a terrible urgency Sam, let's go get married. SAM And live with me in a storeroom behind a hardware store in Fairvale. We'll have a lot of laughs. When I send my ex-wife her money, you can lick the stamps. MARY a deep desperation I'll lick the stamps. He looks at her, long, pulls her close, kisses her lightly, looks out the window and stares at the wide sky.

SAM You know what I'd like? A clear, empty sky And the wherewithal to buy what I'd like.

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MARY I'm thinking of it. SAM a cheerful shout How can you even think a thing like that! MARY picking up handbag, starting for door Don't miss your plane. SAM Hey, we can leave together can't we? MARY at door I'm late Mary goes out quickly, closing door behind her. Mary comes out, walks quickly to a parked cab, gets in. The cab zooms up the awful street. A cab pulls up at the curb.