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Sound really, ways that here's a quote, in fact, who in fact embraces goodness herself if you take away the rewards so he's being critical of people who actually only want to be seen as being good so they can achieve greatness. And I think we've all seen that with people's charitable behavior, their charitable, just so that people can see them being charitable rather than being charged because they think it's the right thing to do.

Do you know talks about the desire for status and praise? But he also points out that you know, you get people have achieved fantastic things in their lives, and they have wonderful inscriptions on their grave. But that gravestone pulled apart by mere fig trees pulled apart by mere fig trees Over time, it becomes nothing in time, this person's achievements.

And he uses the example of Hannibal, who we discussed in a pilot, didn't we? Hannibal, who despite all of his great achievements, ends up exiled, is a bit of a novelty at the quarter of Antiochus, the third of Syria, and he becomes just a story talked about by schoolchildren. You know, a story in a school book, and it's another nice quote. It is only death which reveals the puny size of human bodies. Are you starting to get a sense that juvenile was a miserable git sound.

He's not a cheerful chap. And you do get that when you're reading through here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, He's very, very kind of anti intellectual, anti materialist. On the conclusion of this sat, I gives us a bit more of an indication as to what is this guy's What a worldview.

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If you thought he was miserable thus far in his approach to wealth and greatness and a desire to be eloquent, listen to what he has to say about people who want a long lifespan. This kid's really I I'm not summer now. I'm not someone Sam who likes to throw around accusations of sexism or racism willy nilly, but I would suggest this is pretty ageist in the 21st century. How juvenile? How do you feel about aging? So this is how he describes old people, look at the face, misshapen and hideous beyond recognition instead of skin, you see misshapen hide, baggy cheeks and the kind of wrinkles that are etched on the aged jowls of an African ape.

Love you, Granddad. Granddad loves you There. Who knows? Withrow Youto the stairs.

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They will send this person stronger than this person. This menace is faster. This person's got better looks. And then he says, But with old people and their snot running down their faces and the trembling voices and all the fucking same are they old people all look the same to me? Don't know. He talked about their toothless gums that the fact that they're repellent to their family, that horrible old, ugly people on they cannot taste anything. No sex listens.

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This is a quote, Sam. If you can't get any comic material out of this, I really have lost hope. This podcast, his shrunken tool with vain enlarged, just lies there on though caressed all night it will. It will continue to lie there. The wanking Oh, toothless, repellent man wanking all night. Wow, It is really a wonderful description of bullets.

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Like to be an old person. I think that shows in his writings on I Think That perpetuated. It's probably not getting any more. He really is a miserable git.

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When you've read this. Look at these smart people. Look at his dick. Look at his Penis. Successful people. Fuck it.

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Hannibal Miserable, miserable. Enlarged talks about help. Old people, a deaf, their way sick. They got broken bones. They're blind. I don't know about you, Sam, but I think most people have had grand parents. Most people of experience, their grandparents, my grandparents seem to write. It was only the last couple of years. I mean, in all seriousness, this is in sight into what it was like to be elderly during the Roman empire. Isn't it again? Edward Gibbon. God, absolutely. Werther's original insight. Tucked right down the bottom of his pocket? Old people have really long, deep pockets. Don't know, Sam when they put the hand in to get the word is original and it just keeps going. Keeps good.

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All people. There is a lot of logic. Yeah, absolutely. I guess that goes back to the Dunning Kruger effect, doesn't it, Sam? I was too stupid to realize that. That is why old people did it. I was ignorant.